offers advice for screenwriters. It's sponsored by Aubrey M. Horton (Hollywood script doctor). Horton has consulted on projects for Warner Bros., Paramount, and HBO. Writers can use this service to maximize their talent before submittal to screenwriting contests, agents, and producers.


Aubrey M. Horton is an award-winning screenwriter. He received his MFA in screenwriting from UCLA film school ("the Harvard of screenwriting").

He's had six development deals and has also worked as a freelance story analyst for the Dick Clark Film Group.

Horton has doctored scripts for five screenwriters who've won national competitions. In 1999, a screenwriter (who has had several scripts doctored by Horton) wrote a project which won a Golden Globe nomination.

In "Creative Screenwriting" magazine -- Jim Shea rated Horton as a "highly recommended" script doctor, i.e., placing him in the top eight nationally.

Horton has edited five books for the Directors Guild. He's worked as a judge for two national screenwriting competitions. He's given seminars at Barnes & Noble, Book People, the Austin Film Society, Borders Books, the Pickford Film Center, and St. Edward's University. He's also taught numerous screenwriting workshops. Considered by some to be one of the best script doctors in Hollywood -- Horton offers in-depth feedback on screenplays. His MFA Method (tm) is based upon the techniques used at UCLA film school.

Your script will be notated with suggestions. Typos and formatting mistakes will be highlighted.

The dialogue will be polished as needed. Extraneous scenes will be cut.

Suggestions for improvement (e.g., new scene ideas, enhanced characterizations, plot clarifications, etc.) . . . will be given as needed.

Your script will be notated per a red-ink edit.

An overall evaluation of the quality of the work will be offered in written form.

Companion notes will be returned with the screenplay (as required) -- when the script is mailed back to the writer.

Note that the doctoring quote does not include any phone or email consultation.

Script consultations are offered in written form only.

If a phone or email consultation is requested, then the writer will be billed an extra fee.

Doc Fees

evaluation fee -> $238

doctoring fee -> $1380 to $2480

Note: The screenplay's format density and story complexity are the parameters used in the calculation of the doctoring quote.

* The above fees apply to writers only.

* Studio rates are available upon request.

* Low-budget rates for indie productions.

* No credit cards accepted.

Note: Your $238 evaluation fee is non-refundable.

Your fee covers the cost to evaluate your screenplay for the editing process.

Your screenplay will be reviewed, and you will be quoted a doctoring fee -- which can range from $1380 to $2480 -- depending upon the amount of work needed to edit your script.

No screenplay will be reviewed without the advanced payment of the $238 fee. Once your screenplay is evaluated, you'll receive an email which quotes the required doctoring fee . . . which must be paid before the work will begin. If you decide not to pay the doctoring fee, you are under no obligation to do so.

Normally, you will receive a doctoring quote within one to two weeks.

This doctoring quote will include a time estimate as to how long the editing work will take.

In most cases the turnaround time will be from two to three weeks upon receipt of the doctoring fee.

There are no refunds once the doctoring fee is paid and the editing has begun.

* SUBMITTAL PROCESS -> You can submit a full-length theatrical feature-film screenplay or a two-hour MOW. 60 to 120 pages. (No TV-show specs.)

You must include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your screenplay. No material will be returned without an SASE.

Before you place your script in the mail, please send us a heads-up email to confirm an available time slot.

--> email: ->

* Note: For submittals from inside and outside the U.S., please email first before mailing.

Aubrey M. Horton's Bellingham Screenwriting Workshops

Location ->

The Pickford Film Center
Mezzanine Conference Room
1318 Bay Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

There's a Saturday four-week course and a Sunday eight-week course.

Note: This workshop series has produced numerous screenplays which have received national recognition in the top screenwriting competitions, e.g., Nicholl, Chesterfield, Austin Heart of Film, and CineStory.

A workshop participant won First Place in the Hollywood Symposium Screenplay Contest.

Writers have landed WGA agents and have garnered development/option deals with the major studios, e.g., Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers.

Aubrey M. Horton is able to achieve such a high rate of success due to the fact that he only works with a select group of writers each year.

Only eight participants are enrolled in each workshop.

FYI: The MFA Method (tm) replicates the workshop system taught at UCLA film school. Writers are nurtured in small groups. When the eight-week workshop ends, the screenplays are read . . . and each writer is counseled as to the developed script's potential in the market.


SW 101 -> 4 weeks -> introductory

SW 126/226 -> 8 weeks -> write a screenplay

SW 226/326 -> 8 weeks -> advanced repeat students


Screenwriting Workshop 101 -> 4 weeks
3 to 6 p.m. -- Saturday Afternoons


This is a four-week introductory course which covers the basic nuts and bolts of screenwriting. This workshop offers participants a chance to learn proper screenplay format.
The primary focus will be on learning how to write cinematic scenes vis-a-vis professional standards. Topics covered will include: structure, dialogue, commercial storytelling, character definition, and dramatic intensity.

This private workshop will be offered at the Pickford Film Center in downtown Bellingham, WA. Anyone can take this workshop, but it's limited to only eight students. No writing sample is required. You do not have to be enrolled in college to participate.

See "Application Info" below.


Screenwriting Workshop 126/226 -> 8 weeks

3 to 6 p.m. -- Sunday Afternoons


This is an eight-week course. It will focus on the design and execution of a feature-length screenplay. The emphasis will be on the storytelling elements which Hollywood demands of its writers. The participants will be taught the "secrets of the trade."

The primary focus will be on story transfer -- i.e., on learning how to enhance the storytelling process with solid structure, dramatic pacing, and believable character development.

This course is open to new applicants and repeat students. Limited to eight slots. A writing sample is required, but the sample does not have to be in script format. Applications are first reviewed before a writing sample is requested.

This private workshop will be offered at the Pickford Film Center in downtown Bellingham, WA. You do not have to be enrolled in college to take this course.

See "Application Info" below.


Screenwriting Workshop 226/326 -> 8 weeks

Advanced. Professional craft. Repeat students only.

Email to be placed on the wait list.



If you'd like to apply for a workshop, please email:


Remember to include your postal mailing address and your phone # in your request.

Specify -> the four-week or the eight-week course.

If you live within driving distance of Bellingham, WA (i.e., if you live in the Puget Sound area) -- you'll be sent the complete course description via the U.S. mail once the schedule for the next series of workshops has been finalized.

* These are private workshops. You must be at least 18 years old to apply. *

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